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Our Products

We sell solar water pumping kits that are easy for contractors and farmers to install!

(We can also supply grid only lift station kits)

Solar Lift Station Kit Sizes

  • 1/2HP, 120-230gpm (150gpm @ 10' lift)

  • 1HP, 150-300gpm (230gpm @ 10' lift)

  • 2HP, 200-525gpm (350gpm @ 10' lift)

  • 3HP, 275-525gpm (475gpm @ 10' lift)

  • 5HP, 550-1000gpm (975gpm @ 10' lift)

*Flow varies based on total dynamic head and pump impeller selection

Carry Pumps CP04 Axial Curves

Carry Pumps CP06 Axial Curves 

Carry Pumps Website

Carry Pumps

The control panel below comes pre-wired. All you have to do is run the supplied pump and float wires into the box and land them on the labeled terminal blocks. The control panel mounts to the solar panel stand via supplied unistrut clamps.

drainage water pump
drainage lift station


This pre-wired control system can drive up to a 2HP, 230Vac pump motor. It includes a pre-wired 30A portable generator plug to allow easy backup operation. 

When driving a 2HP pump, this system can pump 350gpm at 10' of lift. For less than 10' lift, we have used higher pump impeller angles to pump over 500gpm with this system. 

Tile pumps


This pre-wired control system can drive up to a 3HP, 230Vac pump motor. When paired with a 3HP pump the system can produce up to 475gpm at 10' of lift. 

Cellular Remote Monitor

Cellular monitoring of the DPC2500/3500 solar drives is coming soon!

solar powered lift station

Portable Generator

A gasoline portable generator is available to provide extended pump runtime during rainy days or nightime

Auto start generator

We can offer a number of auto start generator options to provide automatic power to run the pump station when the sun isn't shining. 

We are a dealer for Generac and Kohler

We also have custom diesel generators available that are extremely fuel efficient for cases where the generator is expected to see a lot of runtime. 

Kohler Power Generators
Kohler 14RCA

Kohler offers unique products to solve the problem of providing reliable generator backup to our off grid solar lift stations. Please contact us to learn about custom solutions we can offer.

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